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Responsible Business and Certification
Timbmet’s position as one of the leading suppliers of timber products in the UK brings with it a great responsibility towards the environment. Timbmet are market leaders in our commitment to the sustainability and legality of our supply base and to responsible business solutions.

We are rigorous in our approach to environmental responsibility and demanding in our expectations of others. Illegal logging and / or poor forest management pose a huge threat to the sustainability of forests, the survival of their eco-systems and the economy of producer countries. These practices, which include over-harvesting, non-payment of taxes, theft or environmental damage present a major problem to the legitimate timber industry by damaging its reputation and depressing prices.,line sports

We have been independently audited to ensure that we are compliant with the European Union thrill poker Regulation (EUTR), both as an operator and as a trader.,free online roulette game for ipad

We fully support independent third party certification schemes of timber products (such as FSC® and PEFC) as the best way to demonstrate compliance with the EUTR and the RPP. We are committed to increasing the proportion of our purchasing that is certified. Where certification is not available we investigate the origin via a robust Due Diligence process.

Timbmet’s Purchasing Risk Assessment System
We run each purchase through our thrill poker Purchasing Risk Assessment System and award a risk rating (from None to Very High) based on:

  • Country of origin of the timber
  • Species of the timber
  • The original producer of the timber
  • Any accompanying independent certification or legal verification

These risk ratings – which were originally set for us by an external consultancy – combined with the volume of each purchase allows us to calculate a ‘Risk Footprint’ for each one. Our average Risk Footprint per m3 of timber purchased has halved since 2008, reflecting steady improvements in our purchasing, increasing availability of certified products and the quality of information available in the supply chains.,fifa elite league betting

betway bonus,For specific enquiries regarding environmental, certified or sustainable timber contractual requirements please use the contact form below.

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