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Hunch definition, to thrust out or up in a hump; arch: to hunch one's back. See more.

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Define hunch. hunch synonyms, hunch pronunciation, hunch translation, English dictionary definition of hunch. n. 1. An intuitive feeling or a premonition: had a hunch that he would lose. 2. A hump. 3. A lump or chunk: "She ... cut herself another hunch of bread" ....

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hunch definition: 1. an idea that is based on feeling and for which there is no proof: 2. to lean forward with your…. Learn more.

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Hunch (noun) a lump; a thick piece; as, a hunch of bread. Hunch (noun) a push or thrust, as with the elbow. Hunch (verb) to push or jostle with the elbow; to push or thrust suddenly. Hunch (verb) to thrust out a hump or protuberance; to crook, as the back.

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hunch. To dry hump (i.e...to rub your genitals on someone else's genitals with your clothes still on) Why is AC and his dirty ass ho hunchin' in your whip fo? by crackerbrittney September 03, 2005. Flag.

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1. an impression that something might be the case. 2. the act of bending yourself into a humped position. Familiarity information: HUNCH used as a noun is rare. • HUNCH (verb) The verb HUNCH has 1 sense: 1. round one's back by bending forward and drawing the shoulders forward.

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The definition of a hunch is a feeling or a premonition about something, or an arched back while sitting or standing. An example of a hunch is a feeling about who stole the books. An example of a hunch is the shape of the back of someone who does not sit up straight while sitting.