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Libero Volleyball Drills and Tips: Training Guide For Beginners

7-Ball Drill: It takes three players to perform the drill. One player serves the ball from the other side of the volleyball net. You stand in your Libero position. Your partner will initially at the right-side hitter position. Your task is to dig the ball so she can touch it. The drill goes on unto she touches seven balls that you have passed.

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He begins his libero training drill by positioning the libero in the left back position. The coach is at the net with a ball. the coach will either simulate a tip, setter dump or a set. The libero will then move accordingly. The coach will toss the ball to the center to simulate the dump or tip. The libero will move forward to cover.

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Libero players should include volleyball pepper drills in their training program as well. In fact, there are volleyball pepper drills of different types: Two Way Pepper, 4 x 2 Pepper Drill, Volleyball – 2 Player Pepper Drill Multiple Hits, Triangle Pepper Drill – Over the Net and Over the Net Pepper Drill. Two way pepper drill

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Digging under the net drill ; Ball-control drill to improve decision-making ; Defensive court positioning between middle and left back ; Playing defense behind the block . Additional Training. Communication before, during and after the play ; Keys to covering the hitter ; Libero setting when the setter digs

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The drill is called the Goalie Drill. The drill is relatively simple and is designed to maximize reps and test the mental toughness of your libero as well as other players in serve receive. To set this drill up you will need three boxes on one side of the net. Servers will serve from atop the boxes to three back row defenders.

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Volleyball Libero Training A libero's main jobs are to lead the serve receive and spark the defense, two of the six core skills in volleyball. From technique to mentality, learn how to take your libero to the next level as they anchor the back row.