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Outright | Definition of Outright by Merriam-Webster

Definition of outright. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : in entirety : completely rejected the proposal outright outright refuses to cooperate with law enforcement — Tim Murphy. 2 : on the spot : instantaneously was killed outright. 3 : without lien (see lien sense 1) or encumbrance (see encumbrance sense 2) purchased the property outright for cash.

OUTRIGHT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

outright definition: 1. completely or immediately: 2. complete: 3. completely or immediately: . Learn more.

Outright - definition of outright by The Free Dictionary

Without additional payments owing, constraints, or stipulations: owns the property outright. adj. (out′rīt′) 1. Presented without reservation; unqualified: an outright gift. 2. a. Complete; total: outright victory. b. Thoroughgoing; out-and-out: outright viciousness; an outright coward.

Outright definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Outright means complete and total. She had failed to win an outright victory. The response of the audience varied from outright rejection to warm hospitality. Synonyms: definite, clear, certain, straight More Synonyms of outright. Outright is also an adverb. The peace plan wasn't rejected outright.

Outright Meaning | Best 24 Definitions of Outright

Outright is defined as entirely or openly. An example of outright is holding the title to your car. adverb.

Outright theft definition and meaning | Collins English ...

Definition of 'outright'outright. (aʊtraɪt ) (aʊtraɪt ) Explore 'outright' in the dictionary. adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] You use outright to describe behaviour and actions that are open and direct, rather than indirect. [...]

Outright purchase Definition | Law Insider

Outright purchase means the initial cost to the school district for the earth - moving, material - handling, road maintenance and construction equipment, including all vendor charges and financing costs. Sample 1. Sample 2.